“And the sex scenes were damn delicious in this narrator’s voice… With Joel Leslie whispering in my ear I can’t deny that I would happily listen to it all over again.”

“I knew from the very start of this audio I had found a new auto-buy narrator. You know the ones that it really doesn’t matter which book they narrate, you will get it anyway because you just love listening to the sound of his voice...One of the best audios I have listened to in a while.
"Joel Leslie is pure magic. I would listen to him read a phone book. His accents are lovely, and he flawlessly alters them to fit the characters and situations within the story. Emotional and passionate, he doesn’t just read Paint the Sky: he performs it. I have found myself searching for more of his work because…well…yum!”


"One of the things about Joel Leslie that consistently fascinates and amazes me is just how many distinct character voices he does, and does well. I love how immersive his narration is, drawing me into each story and keeping my interest.. He’s reliably entertaining to listen to and I always enjoy his performance.”

Pure. Gold.
His narration is of my favorite character narrations. I’ll be listening—again and again. 5 stars!

5 stars “Joel Leslie constantly made me forget that I wasn’t listening to a variety of different people, and the personality he infused into each of them was outstanding. Take one part amazing author who provides detailed characterizations and one part outstanding voice actor who truly does much more than simply narrate a story, and you have the most excellent audiobook to come along in quite a while.”

Joel Leslie is one hell of a fantastic narrator. Not only are the two main characters different nationalities--thus meaning they have different accents and speech patterns--but there's also an essential woman in the cast of characters. Joel Leslie does an amazing job seamlessly shifting and transitioning from one voice to another, his intonation leaving me impressed beyond words. He has a knack for making me feel what the characters are feeling.  He didn't just tell me the story but allowed me to experience it with his expressiveness.”  Five-plus stars!
“This was perfect from beginning to the end. I listened to it twice.”  
— Thenovelapproach

6 out of 5 stars! Joel Leslie did an absolutely amazing job with this. The emotion in this book is so, so deep and Joel is able to access that and help transmit it to us listeners. I had such great expectations for when this series finally came to audio and he didn’t let me down one bit! I hope he does the entire series!”

"I Absolutely LOVED IT!!   I loved the accents, the melodious way in which Joel’s voice really drew you into the story…just Damn!! I have to say that I could listen to this man read anything and find it absorbing.  I loved the variations of his voice while narrating the story. I always knew who was speaking and never felt confused.  Joel Leslie is another narrator to watch for!!”