"Joel is a joy to work with. His process of preparing for a recording is thorough and unique. He makes a real effort to discover how the author views their characters and then brings those characters to life. His enthusiasm for his work shows in the quality of the recording. Another thing I value about Joel is his ability to handle adeptly a wide variety of accents, both U.S. and U.K. For my books, he’s managed Midwestern Jewish, Northern California, rural England, upper class London, and Scottish pirates, among others. Each character stands out as a unique individual—even the minor characters. I love listening to Joel read and I’m delighted to have snagged him for several projects!"

Kim Fielding, author of Treasure, Flux and The Festivus Miracle

“I am so inspired by his work. His range is quite extraordinary. Working with Joel was a true delight. Not only was his performance injected with so much life and energy that it had ME laughing, but he works fast, efficiently, and is completely open to suggestions. But you can’t have him because I am keeping him for all my own future projects.”
— Haley Walsh, author of The Skyler Foxe Mysteries

"Joel Leslie is pure artistic genius! His narrations for several of our books, took an already dynamic story and propelled it into a virtual audio movie!  
Our readers are now listeners and want even more! "

      Andrea Smith, USA Today Bestselling Author
      Eva LeNoir, Amazon Bestselling Author

“I originally became a fan of Joel Leslie while listening to several audiobooks he performed. I’m an avid Audible customer and expect the stories I listen to, to captivate me, entertain me and somewhat bring the characters to life in my mind. Leslie goes above and beyond in that aspect. I’ve only recently began working with Joel Leslie on a professional level, as he brings my books to life, and I’m so impressed not only with his work ethic, but with the wide variety of tones, inflections and nuances he carries in his arsenal. Throughout the process I was kept completely in the loop and if I had any questions or concerns, he responded almost immediately. Such a treat to work with and just generally an all around nice guy.”
— TM Smith, Author of Fame and Fortune